Charlie the Daschund

A Sad Day for Charlie

A funny animal story for children about a sensitive dog.

'I am sick with worry! My lady mistress, my best friend, is not here! She has been taken away. She was not feeling very well the other day. I could see that. I went and sat with her.
When I laid my body against her it formed this strong purple healing colour all round me.
I hope it made her feel better.

I don't understand why she's not here. Where has she gone? That day, two people came and took her away on a long bed with wheels. They then put her in this big van with flashing lights and yellow patterns. It was all very worrying.
They tried to explain to me where she was going, but I don't know this word 'hospital'. I think it is the place she has gone to, but I don't know why. I know she is not well, but why is she not here? If she were I could help her and look after her.
I was so worried my stomach was upset and I was ill outside in the garden.

Everybody tries to explain to me and I know they mean well, but they keep saying "Soon, Charlie, soon". But they said that days ago, and still, my best friend is not here. I know what they mean by 'soon', but she is not here, so I don't know why they keep saying it.

I do get upset, and I become annoyed. But, it is my job to be a guard in the home. Bruce, my big brother, and I do this. That's our job. He begins with a bark or two and then I really start growling and let any visitor know who's boss. A man came the other day and I really became irritated. I said to him 'Hello! Who are you?' but he wouldn't answer. He just walked past and completely ignored me. Then I really became annoyed and barked and growled even more, and still, he ignored me. I would have liked to bite him, but I'm not allowed to do that. I wanted his attention. I like people to be open and honest with me.

Where is my best friend? Why is she not here? Sometimes I hear cars coming and I think 'Oh, is thatů? No'. I will know when she's arriving.'
'Soon, Charlie, soon'.
'Oh, no, not again. I wish they would stop saying that! Oh, I know they mean well, but that word 'soon' has no meaning. She is not here NOW!

'Wait! What's that I feel. Can it be true? Yes, I am sure she's only a few miles away. Is she coming home? Bruce felt it too, and he's barking as usual. I suppose I had better bark as well. Let them all know she's on her way home.'

'Yes. Yes, there she is. Home, at last! Hooray!'

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